Tiger 3 in the News

Tiger 3 provides an assist to USS Zumwalt on the front page of the Star Advertiser on April 3, 2019. The article details information about this fascinating new ship.

From the Star-Advertiser:

A striking and controversial Navy destroyer pulled into Pearl Harbor for the first time Tuesday, turning heads for its sheer size (610 feet long), stealth features and unorthodox wave-piercing “tumblehome” hull on its first operational sail from San Diego.

The USS Zumwalt’s appearance is part testing, part public relations and part presence in the Pacific where its abundance of technology — allowing a smaller crew of between 175 to 200 to operate the massive ship — is expected to dictate the future for the Navy in the “great power” competition with China and Russia.

“It’s our first visit to Hawaii,” said commanding officer Capt. Andrew Carlson. “As we all know, Pearl Harbor has a rich naval history. We are honored to sail Zumwalt through these historic waters for the first time.”

Carlson also noted that Hawaii is a “critical training and testing area for the Navy.” 

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